2027 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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Mon: Closed . Tue:5-10pm
Wed-Thur:11am-2pm; 5:30-10pm Fri-Sat:11am-11pm . Sun:11am-9pm

Our New Orleans Bar - The Land of The Mojito!
We create and make the widest variety of Mojitos in New Orleans!

Our bar at Mayas is well known for its innovative creation of a variety of Mojitos with different flavors. Based on the Original Mojito drink from Havana, Cuba, which was made famous by Hemingway, Chef Edgar expanded it into a several Mojitos with a twist of flavor.

This creative approach to drinks and cocktails includes several other drinks such 'Spicy Watermelon Margarita', 'Caribbean Martini', 'Frozen Peach Cilantro Margarita', 'Mint Chocolate Martini', 'Phenomenal Margarita', 'Mayas Margarita', and more, such as the 'Pisco Sour' from Peru and Chile.

For the typical New Orleans hot days -and any other day- try the House SangrĂ­a, a delicious refreshing drink made of Cabernet Sauvignon, lime, lemon, orange juice , tequila, orange liquor and sugar. You can order it by a Carafe!

Our bar is located at the entrance of our restaurant, a perfect place to sit while waiting for a table or just to have a drink while having a good conversation.